The Partnership Series is rooted in the Hebrew letter Koof, with its upper portion a hovering, embracing, sustaining, nurturing, Divine Presence. Its lower  portion appears sharp and elongated, reaching up, mimicking the human struggle, with longing and expression. (See Lawrence Kushner’s, The Book of Letters, A Mystical Alef-Bet, which inspires this series). The abstracted upper and lower portions of the letter Koof come together in a surreal landscape.

The azure of the water or sky suggests tranquility and harmony. The magenta, blue, and purple are royal, spiritual colors. The colors are intense and often singing or vibrating with one another. The interaction between the human and the Divine becomes a partnership in The Partnership Series.

My childhood designs show my affinity for the defined boundary, the hard edge.  I am still vacillating between the hard-edged or the less defined boundary, until Moon River Tango.