Malagasy Moon, Study
Mixed Media on Paper

Hard-edge paintings comprise my early series up to Moon River Tango, in which the paint begins to flow wildly.  By Eden Pool, pools evaporate to create dancing figures.  Moving color dominates in Spiral Galaxy. Pushing back towards boundaries, the pure, mundane, yet spiritual qualities of circles spread across the canvas in Cookies and Spring Flowers. Paintings for the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center reflect human anatomy, while nature paintings are impressions of my organic surroundings.  Boobies are inspired by the Galapagos Islands.

Pets in Paint are recent representations, that border on the abstract. Tides 1 is a part of a series reminiscent of the tides of the English Channel, which are dramatic. The tides impressed me, when I lived in Bretagne, in northwestern France, and then revisted there.

Tides I
Mixed media on paper
20″ x 16″